About us:

Help the Blind Foundation (HTBF) is a registered Charitable Trust, established at Chennai in 2005 and has been functioning since 2010.

Our vision is to successfully elevate the economic status of the visually impaired students in India, thereby improving their image in the eyes of the society.

Our Mission is to achieve our vision by providing visually impaired students in India access to higher education and enabling them to get jobs in today’s modern economy.

About Mr. D.K.Patel, our mentor

An early morning walk by Mr. D.K.Patel, retired banker based in Hong Kong, led him to enter the premises of St. Louis School for the Blind in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and he was deeply impressed by the energy and enthusiasm of the students of the school. He then started to wonder why many visually impaired people are unemployed when they are capable of achieving so much. He felt that a minimum of college education is a basic need to realize their full potential. Considering the fact that almost all visually impaired children study in schools conducted exclusively for them, he felt that it was equally important for them to get into integrated colleges where they would mingle with normal students. This would help them gain tremendous confidence to face the world and the college education would enable them to gain profitable employment which in turn would elevate their economic status. This quest made him float a Trust in Hong Kong through which he started giving financial assistance to visually impaired children in India to pursue college education. Thus Help The Blind Foundation was born.

Mr. Patel, a graduate from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, has vast experience of more than 5 decades in Banking and a large trading company. He retired as Senior Economist in HSBC, Hong Kong.

About Team HTBF:

The Foundation is being managed by a team of experienced bankers, academics and professionals on a voluntary basis. It is supported by 39 volunteers based all over India.


  1. Mr. J.V. Ramani - Managing Trustee:

    Master in Management Science, University of Pune, B.E , NIT, Nagpur, CAIIB.

    Worked for 20 years with Bank of India and 15 years with BNP Paribas, Hong Kong. He has held several positions in cultural and social service organisations. He was the President in Tamil Cultural Association, Hong Kong, Patron of Young Indian Federation Club, Chairman of Banking Advisory committee of Indian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

  2. Mr. S.Narasimhan - Trustee:

    B.Sc., Bangalore University, CAIIB, ACIB London.

    He has more than 35 years of experience having worked with Indian Overseas Bank in various capacities in India as well as in Hong Kong. He retired as the Deputy General Manager of Law & Recovery Department, Central Office, Chennai.

  3. Mr. N. Sivaji Rao - Trustee:

    B. Sc Madras University, CAIIB.

    Worked for 20 years with State Bank of India in various capacities in the North East region, New Delhi and Hong Kong.. He then worked for 18 years as CFO with H.Daya International Co. Ltd., Hong Kong which is one of the top 5 Indian Trading firms in Hong Kong.

  4. Mrs. Mallika Ravi - Trustee:

    F.C.A., B.Sc., Stella Maris College, Chennai.

    She did her graduation in Chemistry and then did Chartered Accountancy to become a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. After serving the private sector for a few years, she is now a self-employed woman. She is also a Director of Brookefields Estates Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.

  5. Mr. D.K Sharma - Trustee:

    M.Sc. Hons.,Punjab University, Chandigarh.

    He has 38 years of experience in banking both in India and UK. He retired as General Manager of Bank of India.

  6. Mr. Nataraj Sankaran - Trustee:

    Master Degree, Madurai Kamaraj University, B.com.,Saraswathi Narayanan College, Madurai.

    He is an experienced Management Executive with over 30 years of management experience for a broad spectrum of companies. He worked in India, USA and Netherlands. His scope of leadership responsibility included international assignments with an emphasis on sourcing operations in Asia, Middle East, India and Indian sub-continent region. He was VP & MD of Ralph Lauren in India. At present he is Managing Director for Vétement Consultancy, Bangalore.

Our Volunteers Guardians

1 Ahemedabad A.K.BHANDARI 99090 22477 akbhandari47@gmail.com, akbhandari@helptheblind.in
2 Ahemedabad K.S.A.IYER 99740 93970 ksaiyer2000@gmail.com
3 Ahemedabad Sunil V. Shah 9898055074 shahsunil1953@yahoo.in
4 Ahemedabad R.S.Trivedi 9825049640 rstrivedi1947@gmail.com
5 Ahemedabad Nilkanth Acharya 9328039989 nilkanthacharya@yahoo.com
6 Assam B.Moses. Herick 8473815873 wellnessmoses@gmail.com
7 Bangalore Harsha Ramachandra 8277703573 harsharamchandra793@gmail.com
8 Bangalore Latha. Chandrasekar 9945013246 lathashekar16@gmail.com
9 Bangalore Sivaji Rao 72591 56291 spans.rao@gmail.com, sivaji@helptheblind.in
10 Bangalore Gyaneshwari Venkatesh 98459 53663 gyan_man@rediffmail.com
11 Chandigarh Ramesh Puri 8968335215 rp1949@gmail.com, rameshpuri@helptheblind.in
12 Chennai Anu Radha Baskar 9840187973 anubasin@yahoo.co.in
13 Chennai Sudhir Kumar. T.V 7358262180 tvsk1954@gmail.com,sudhir@helptheblind.in
14 Chennai Sundar . V.S.A 9500142021 alliarch@gmail.com
15 Chennai Vidya Ramani 99403 70736 vidya@helptheblind.in
16 Coimbatore V. Pon Meenakshi 9442277744 vishy_cbe@yahoo.com,meenakshi@helptheblind.in
17 Delhi Nagendra Bharadwaj 98990 16625 nagendranbhardwaj@gmail.com,bhardwaj@helptheblind.in
18 Delhi Sharma DK 99308 55711 sharmadk30@yahoo.com,sharma@helptheblind.in
19 Dhule Anand Deore 7083201655 Hilalsdeore@gmail.com
20 Guwahati Shilpi Chakraborty 8876316318 shilpi@helptheblind.in
21 Hyderabad Yadagiri Reddy 9642758668 girimlpy123@gmail.com
22 Indore Maheshwari 93001 25350 rlmaheshwari27@gmail.com
23 Jaipur P. C . Sharma 9461235897 pcsharma416@gmail.com
24 Jalgaon Prof. Br Patil 98900 72588 brpatil2588@gmail.com
25 Jamshedpur Chandrasekar . R 99311 47508 chandrashekhar@helptheblind.in
26 Jodhpur Prof. O.P. Vyas 9829215771 opvyas@gmail.com
27 Lucknow Rajni Chauhan 97944 38803 rajnichauhan2k@gmail.com,rajnichauhan@helptheblind.in
28 Madurai Ilakkiya 8870011448 contact@theiab.org
29 Mumbai B. Krishnamurthi 9892400437 bala.krishnamurthi@gmail.com,bala.krishnamurthi@helptheblind.in
30 Mumbai V. Sekar 9444072971 sekar@helptheblind.in
31 Mysore Anandaraj 8880203030 suraksha4all@gmail.com
32 Nagpur J. Radhakrishnan 94221 46696 radha_bharati56@yahoo.co.in,radhakrishnan@helptheblind.in
33 Nasik V. D Saokar 94239 64406 vdsaokar@rediffmail.com,saokar@helptheblind.in
34 Pune Prakash Daiv 9423208579 prakashdaiv@gmail.com
35 Pune Prakash Satavalekar 976 7892446 psatavlekar@yahoo.com,satavlekar@helptheblind.in
36 Pune Uma Sarathchandran 98231 66892 umasarath@gmail.com
37 Pune Prafulla shende 9850982127 prafulla.shende@gmail.com,prafullashende@helptheblind.in
38 Trichy C. Sudhakar 7904577274 sudhakarc1957@gmail.com,sudhakar@helptheblind.in
39 Varanasi Kameshwar Mishra 95321 96415 kameshwar.mishra91@gmail.com
40 Varanasi Neelima Upadhyaya 85264226276 neelima_17@hotmail.com
41 Vijayawada Dr. G. Sahaya Baskaran 94906 58088 sbalc@rediffmail.com,sahayabaskaran@helptheblind.in

Apart from the above team members, The Foundation is in the process of setting up an advisory board comprising of eminent personalities to provide guidance.

Our Affiliates

We presently have four affiliates participating in our sponsorship programmes.We identify and conduct the due diligence of the students in such cases on their behalf. Thereafter, our affiliates provide sponsorships directly to the students.

  1. HTBF, Hong Kong
  2. HTBF, Singapore
  3. HTBF, USA

Objectives and Activities

Objectives and Activities:

The main Objective of the HTBF is to ensure that every visually impaired student in India gets college education and does not become a school drop-out due to lack of resources. We, therefore, provide financial support for college bound visually impaired students pursuing graduate course from reputed colleges in integrated education system.

To achieve our main Objective, we have developed a sponsorship program. This is done by selection of eligible students and providing them financial support to meet the cost of tuition fees and hostel fees covering their boarding and lodging expenses of hostels managed by Colleges. We also provide annual stipend to day scholars and students residing in private accommodation.

Apart from the sponsorship program, we also support these visually impaired students to excel in extra-curricular activities. We consider selectively:

  1. Provision of computer centers and equipment
  2. Provision of music rooms and instruments
  3. Provision of facilities for sports and outdoor activities
  4. Infrastructure development for secondary schools / colleges
  5. Provision of laptops and recording devices


Any visually impaired student securing admission for a graduate course in a reputed college / university is eligible to apply for our sponsorship.

The last date for receipt of Application for sponsorship for the Academic year 2019-20 is 31st AUGUST 2019.

Process of awarding sponsorship:

At present, the HTBF sponsorship amount is fixed as under:

  1. Up to Rs. 25,000 or actual expenses whichever is lower, per student per year inclusive of college tuition fees and hostel fees for those who stay in hostels run by the college itself.
  2. For students staying in private hostel and day scholars, an annual stipend upto a maximum of Rs.10,000 is awarded by HTBF.

Application forms for sponsorships with necessary documents are to be routed through the colleges / volunteers to HTBF office in Chennai. Thereafter, the volunteer/Trustee of HTBF would conduct personal interviews at the respective colleges and send in their recommendations to the office in Chennai. Two Trustees finally accord approval and their decision is final.

Normally, HTBF gives sponsorships only for the Under Graduate courses. However, as an incentive for high achieving students, sponsorships are given for post graduate courses as well as professional courses at the discretion of the Trustees. A minimum aggregate of 60% or equivalent CGPA in graduation is required.

If a student is a beneficiary of any other sponsorship or financial assistance from other sources, the sanction of the sponsorship may be withheld or reduced at the discretion of the Trustees.

Financial assistance for any other purpose related to the enhancement of education of visually impaired students may also be considered on a discretionary basis by the Trustees.

Journey so far:

Since 2010, the year of inception, more than 1000 students have graduated under our sponsorship programme. We are in the process of updating their current status. For the academic Year 2017-18, HTBF has awarded sponsorships to the tune of Rs.147 lakhs to 1699 students in 216 colleges covering 11 States.

In 2008, HTBF, Hong Kong provided funds for creation of infrastructural facilities measuring 18,000 sqft. in St. Louis School for the Blind in Chennai. This facility covers Class Rooms, Library, Computer Center and Music Room for 140 students with hostel facilities for 80 students.

In 2012 HTBF, Hong Kong provided funds for creation of infrastructural facilities measuring 20,000 sqft. in Indian Association for the Blind, Madurai. This facility accommodates 150 students with hostel facilities for 90 students. Apart from Class Rooms, the building has a large Braille Library, Computer Center, and Music Room.

In 2015 HTBF, Hong Kong provided funds for creation of Hostel measuring 10,000 sqft. in Amalarakkini School for Blind in Arani District near Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. This facility accommodates 100 girl students.

We have provided recording devices ‘Angel/Daisy Reader’ to 100 students studying in colleges.

We have also provided 6 computers to Presidency College, Chennai and one laptop each to H.K Arts College, Ahmedabad, L.D Arts College, Ahmedabad, R.H Patel College, Ahmedabad, I.P College, Delhi, Daulatram College, Delhi, P.G.D.A.V College, Delhi ,2 laptops to Modern College, Pune, and 3 Laptops each to J.S.S College, Mysore and St. Joseph College, Trichy for their Resource Center. We have provided Laptops to 16 top students.

We have extended support for purchase of musical instruments and also for promotion of sports activities to Loyola College, Chennai.



Help us to help them

Please help us raise funds to improve the quality of education for the Visually Impaired.

Your support can go a long way in expanding the scope of our activities and make a huge difference in the lives of visually impaired children in India.

You can support us in many ways

  1. You can sponsor students for college education.
  2. Make a Financial Contribution.
  3. Provide learning aids.
  4. Be a Mentor.
  5. Associate as volunteer for our Foundation.
  6. Spread the word about Foundation.

You can support as an Individual or as a Corporate under CSR.

Make a difference! The student benefiting from your generosity will remember you for life.

Help the blind reach new levels of excellence!

All donations to our Foundation are eligible for Income Tax deduction under Sec.80G.

We have the approval under FCRA from Government of India to receive donations from Foreign Nationals / Entities.

For direct remittance contact us:
New No.50/5 (Old No.69/5) BAZULLAH ROAD,
Chennai 600 017.

Contact Us


New No.50/5 (Old No.69/5),
Chennai 600 017.
Mobile: 9003330197
Land Line: 044-2834 1197

 Email: info@helptheblind.in




Any visually impaired student who has procured admission for pursuing under graduate course in a reputed/recognised college having disability certificate can apply for sponsorship.


The sponsorship is to be applied for through their college and to be submitted to our trust’s volunteer/college coordinator. Mark sheets for the class 10 and 12 with proper attestation to be attached to the form. Generally, the last date of applying for sponsorship will be end of August every year. This will be displayed in our web site.


Yes, but this has to be clearly mentioned in the Application Form. However, the amount of sponsorship will accordingly be adjusted.




Yes. HTBF considers such request selectively at the discretion of Trustees.


As of now, HTBF is focusing on "College Education for the visually impaired' as the prime objective.HTBF considers such other requests selectively at the discretion of Trustees.


HTBF has started a training course of 20 sessions for preparing for Bank Recruitment Exams in our office premises from 23rd March 2019. Also under our Education, Mobility, Employment, Training project, select students would be given training in computer skills, spoken English and soft skills in the last two years of their Graduation course to make them employable. In 2019-20, around 250 students from Delhi, Pune, Varanasi, Indore, Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore would be receiving the training.


Any individual or corporate can make a donation to our Foundation. They would have to give ID proof along with the donation. If the donation is made by a foreign entity, then in the case of individuals a copy of the passport and for a corporate a copy of Registration Certificate is mandatory


A donor can send a donation by a cheque drawn in favour of HTBF and send it to its registered office in Chennai. If a donor wants to remit the donation directly, then our Office in Chennai should be contacted to get the bank account details of HTBF.


No. There is no minimum or maximum amount that can be donated. All helping hands are welcome.


Yes.The donors can specify their wish to donate for a specific purpose. For example, they can say that the amount is to be used to purchase laptops or study aids like Angel Readers. Otherwise they can choose a specific college and give donation for a group of students studying in that college or to build facilities like a library or music room for the visually impaired students.


Yes. If the donors specifically ask for it, the Foundation would send them details of the particular set of students sponsored by them as well as keep them posted of the students’ progress.


Yes. We can do the entire process of due diligence on behalf of the donors. We can also monitor the progress of the students and keep the donors posted of the same.


Any individual willing to serve our Foundation’s cause can become a volunteer.


The volunteer acts as an agent for the Foundation and helps in disbursing funds to the visually impaired students. This process needs them to collect application forms from the colleges, to interview the students to assess their eligibility, to ensure receipt of funds by the colleges/students and obtaining receipts for the same. In short, they have to be guardians to the visually impaired students.


The Foundation only needs their time and commitment to ensure proper disbursement of sponsorships. They can devote either full time or part time depending upon their time availability. The actual expenses incurred by volunteers, up to a reasonable extent, are reimbursed by the Foundation.


A Mentor can be either a donor or a volunteer, who makes a long term commitment towards the progress and development of a visually impaired student or a group of them. This means that the mentor needs to be in touch with the students throughout their graduation, counselling them whenever needed. The relationship between the mentor and the students will be for longer term beyond college education and employment.